SILENTIUM (eng version)

When we sit on a plaid under an aspen,
I will get you my sandwich as you asked me.
And I'll pour a dark beer tasting like barrel,
going crazy with losing my own battle.
Why there’s something I can’t utter?
When the sky loses blue, turning red orange,
we will see that our world is so georgeous,
Expect our dingy grey lil' boxes.
Prasing God (or Godzilla) for our saving,
I don’t make any sound, cause I am craven.
Solar horse will touch us with it's warm fire,
shining bright like the silver of Argentine.
Rays of sun will be drawing with fiery ink
While you hang above me like a cuckoo's beak.
Even if I do try, my lips are still sealed.
When the sun disappears, we will be shadow,
of a blooming sunset spilling through the meadow.
We will hear nature playing it's funky tune,
I will squeeze my leg in the awe of the truth.
I have never loved you.