Teach me to survive...

Teach me to survive...
Слова, музыка, аранжировка и исполнение
Анастасия Филонова (Txonta)
Это было 7 лет назад.
Перевод, к сожалению,
не нашёл.
Teach me to survive
( Научи меня выживать)
1. It is easy:
We've met upstairs.
We were missing
All other pairs:
We were looking for one and only…
Some dramatic
And awful scenes -
We're down, together,
but never dare
For each other feel sorry…
Teach my soul to live in snow -
Give me some your power
When the cold will only grow
With every hour.
Teach me to survive
In the world of rain
Where it's scary to rise
And fatal to fail…
2. We were flying
With the stars in wind
Never crying -
Only trying to sing,
Understanding our destiny:
Be together
Lie and betray
By stealth gazing
At the broken dreams
Never repenting our sins…
3. Winter's out
And the snow will melt.
Our souls -
Sacrificial lambs
Of the world's mincing machine…
Every hero
Will die with fame.
Other people
Have scorn and rain…
We're other, my friend, but we will live!