prepared dead selfes 2 awake,
been cared for emanations of Eart's powers,
Disappointed mistakes of missed flowings,
In saint residence, In pured being, -
What is my mind unfucked?
I found warm self,
Can i split streams up 2 rock'n'roll?
Tiret to drop it all.
Combinate, Combinate, blessed by own shadow..
Before all's fucked, killed and burned
Choose 2 stay connect it,
Be it's fire - make it breath, -
And now u live with it.
thes shapes of thirst energy,
fallen apart,
floatin to novell of dreamin' ways,
- Disaccepted, i - am living,
For spoken poem of unborned's heart..
and smokin' shy memos
of bein' another
of dimmensioned lover
fallen in past..
what is i's last?
errors flowin' home