u poisoned sanity
by rock interpritation
of selfblinded youth
how long will you code your dream?
will u stay born before leaves gone?
won't your mistic keeper regret for u to be chosen
when moonlight thougths would take u again?
you've dreamed of immortalness
being in waterf of freedom
where fallen angels
will cry u to feed 'em
and slidin' by strings
of lost worlds, -
take care of breathing
when dopamine's gone
and cut, and find'
mights to mute string
of outreal wavewing
- flowing in dreams.
u poisoned sanity
by mistic injection
deeper than moment
could let u sing.
unpromised found ones
in forms of upcoming
stiill restless in youth,
anythin' s coming..
life's flyin' by portals
an' holdin flew forms, -
that eats you in magic forms,
and greeds bein' youth..
my dear,
in the world
where is nothing what seems,
the now is self-changin, -
follow lust beatings
of dreamer behind skins.