Blessed With Your Love...

Blessed With Your Love...
From ear to ear my smiles are, like rings on the water,
To tear the Soul’s stripped vest for my parents I’m able:
My Father and Mother, – I’m yours! – here is your big daughter
With clear light filled and juice-shot like a ripe honey-apple!
A wonderful feeling I have – of matching you, dear ones -
As if I’m a bud in some field with a lot of nice flowers:
Enjoy mutual love we - the same blood runs truly in us,
A lot of in common we’ve got on the roads of ours.
I’m not “a still green” – was brought up a quite long time ago, -
My wings with their flaps delights to your eyes are still bringing!
O, Parents, you are and will be for me Salvation and Vow,
Encouraging Light, the Life’s bell and Pride – happy Singing!
Sometimes in my sleep I am just a child - to you sing a song,
By Destiny’s puddles running I have saved up what’s our mutual:
The given to me by your souls I’ve maintained and prolonged -
Your features in my son and daughter are left for their future.
I read your warm smiles and look in your eyes - my ultimate surety,
Your wisdom I drink – an immeasurable bowl sanctified,
Give bows to your simple virtuous souls, spiritual purity,
Live with a light heart keeping blessing of yours in my mind.
And Dad peering down from the Heavens’ domain,
Where the sun and the sea will not meet,
Says gently: “Hi, Kitty, I’m here again;
Live on!”… and his Soul is lit.
(Переводчик В.В. Чистяков)
© Copyright: Марина Татарская, 2018
Свидетельство о публикации №118092104149