My last dash

There was a time when I was actually brutal.
I drank all kinds of booze. More than all of the kinds.
I languished in this bar for all day long, pursuing
Invisible regrets that stuck in me inside.
So my expenses grew. I was abstracted out
Of any fresh idea to make a clear speech.
And every single man that came inside my bounds
Was vigorously warned to stay beyond my reach.
Abruptly fell the voice exactly from the Heaven
«You have the very last of trying to escape».
I simply realized that circumstances're never
So deadly close to God. And sobered up my shape.
I jumped upto the stairs to leave my broken body.
I cursed the day when I inquired the tumbler full.
The weather wasn’t fine. The sky was fully clouded.
I crawled home in snow. The loneliness was rule.
And all I really felt – just emptiness of nothing.
I tried to hook the voice. But heaven closed in ash.
And I went on and on still climbing in disgusting.
In hope to find the strength and spirit for last dash.